Who wants to help teach chess lessons?


We are looking for enthousiastic teachers at multiple school in and around Einhoven. You would teach chess to groups of 8 to 12 children who are currently in primary school (ages 5 till 12)


You don't have to be able to play chess well, but you do need to know the rules of the game, be enthousiastic and would like to work with children. 


We offer support in practical lessons and good compensation. This means that you can start teaching immediately. Generally, you will work together with a more experienced trainer in the beginning and after some time you will be able to teach independently. 


The lessons are generally in the afternoon. You can can let us know when you are available and it is okay if you can't be there once or twice, then we will look for a substitute. 


Dutch language proficiency is recommended since we teach mostly in Dutch, but there are also some groups where we (could) teach in English. If you have questions about this do reach out to us. 



Interested? Reach out to Dolf or Sandra by emailing 040schaakt@gmail.com and we will look at the possibilities together.